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The Apexgo API

The must to have of every blockchain related project.

Getting Started

First of all you will need to understand the main concepts that are dealing here (please check the section bellow). After that, you will need to gain an authentication token to operate the Apexgo API endpoints.



We are the only service currently that makes all the rarity data of an NFT available to you. With this information you can understand how rare a given token is in relation to your collection.


Collection is a entity that represent a group of tokens that share the same trait nature. For example, Bored Ape Tron Club is a collection, and under this collection are several tokens that are organized on the same basis (characteristics, traits, rarity coefficient). Collections have their own information like name, acronym, id, blockchain it belongs to, number of tokens and contract.


A token is a specific NFT from a specific collection. Tokens have their own characteristics like id (in relation to collection), name, link to image/video, ranking (in relation to your collection), traits and rarity information.


Transactions are operations that occur with the tokens of a collection, such as a purchase or a transfer.